About Me


I am a proud 2018 graduate of the two-year Meisner conservatory program at The William Esper Studio.

I grew up in Maine, where I started performing at a very young age. I sang in every available group in the area: choirs, a cappella groups, select ensembles, as an All-State soprano, opera workshops, a madrigal quintet--yes, madrigals--and more! I interned and performed for the Penobscot Theater Company for many years and starred in a handful of classical plays, operas, and musicals locally.

When I first moved to NYC, I took a break to figure out what "real life" was all about and accidentally ended up finding success in the legal field! After my first year at the Esper Studio, I decided to leave my corporate career so that so that I could focus on my artistic endeavors full-time.

I am most happy when creating! I have an immense and ever-growing love for what I do and am always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with other artists!

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